Holiday Alerts, 911 Calls

The holiday season is here, so many things to think about and do…  Here are safety suggestions from our Senior Lead Officer, Adrian Acosta:

Good Afternoon!  Every year the issue of package theft seems to get bigger and bigger.  As we enter the Holiday Season I want to remind everyone of some very basic tips:

  • Require a signature for your delivered packages
  • Have packages shipped to an alternate location – neighbor or place of business
  • If using Amazon consider using an alternate shipping location such as a locker at 7-11 or the newly installed lockers at Whole Foods.

 911 Calls

If you do have to call 911 for a crime in progress and/or life-threatening situation, please call from a land line, if possible.  Using a land line will reveal your address to the operator.  The cell phone will only give the area, nearest cell tower.  The system does not use GPS.  For non-emergency calls,  1877-ASK-LAPD.

Please be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.