Police Reports as of August 26, 2018

The LAPD has agreed to set up a temporary police reporting station at Penmar Park Rec Center next Monday, August 27 from 3 to 5pm. Our Senior lead officer Adrian Acosta will take police reports from anyone in our neighborhood (or coming under the Pacific Division of Venice area) who has experienced ANY incident of property crime, vandalism or attempted break-ins to cars or homes in the past six to nine months. This temporary reporting station has been set up at the suggestion of a neighbor at a recent East Venice Neighborhood Assoc. meeting that included a lot of angry and frustrated neighbors with slashed tires, keyed cars and many of them more than once! Many believe the number has been vastly underreported due to how difficult it is to actually try and report the crimes, thanks to busy signals, long hold times and being told to go in person to report at the station or just being too busy with our own lives to fill in paperwork. So bring your photos, videos or anything else that will help us catch them and the more accurate the count is, the more likely we will have additional resources assigned to us for patrol and undercover.