Crime Trends and Upcoming Events as of September, 2021

The autumn leaves will soon fall, even though the summer heat is still here. Our lives are changing bit by bit as we try to get back to a “normal” life style. As our lives change, so do the crime statistics in our community.
As we go back to work and school, burglaries have increased. Vehicle thefts and thefts from Vehicles have always been a major part of crimes statistics in our community. Thank you all for keeping your vehicle doors and windows locked. Remember to keep all your property hidden or removed from your car. Even a phone charging cord is enough to tempt a thief to break into your car. The thief doesn’t know whether a phone is connected to it or not.Catalytic converters continue to be stolen, this is a nationwide problem. Thieves work in groups of three, and are very efficient. Some convertors are taken out of state to be melted down for precious metals. Please try to park your car in the garage, behind a gate or at least in the driveway, anything to make it difficult to vandalize your vehicle. The Toyota Prius is the most popular car being targeted, although Honda Accords, Elements and trucks are also common targets. Shields may also be placed to discourage thefts, talk with your mechanic.Expensive wheels have also been stolen from cars. The owners comes out to find their car on blocks or crates after removal of all four wheels.On August 24th, we had a “WALK” with our Senior Lead Officer, Villery, on Colby Ave. He and his partner arrived after arresting a burglary suspect, who was found hiding in bushes. Officer Villery evaluated each home with suggestions to improve the environment around each house. Do your bushes need trimming? Do you have motion detector lights? Cameras?

Sometimes there are disagreements at work or between neighbors, that are difficult to resolve without intervention. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office has a Dispute Resolution Program, click here: Dispute that is a free program that provides mediators to help with disagreements.

With easing of Covid restrictions, there are more people on the road. This has increased traffic resulting in an increase in road rage of 300% from last year. The LAPD will increase their traffic enforcement in hopes of reducing violence associated with road rage.

The Pacific Area Boosters is sponsoring a Carnival this weekend: Sept 10th, 11th, 12th, along Culver Blvd between Centinela and Inglewood Blvd.



For non-emergency questions, please contact our Senior Lead Officer, Karwon Villery,