Recent Incidents Report as of August 31, 2017

This past Monday night (August 28)/Tuesday morning (August 29), many residents heard a low flying helicopter and police activity near Mountain View and Marine.  A resident called police when she heard her doorbell around 11:30pm. She saw a young African-American male (tank top and shorts) on her porch.  Since the rear house window was open, there was concern that he/they would get in the house. As a precaution, the helicopter was used to search the backyards of the area, no person(s) was found.  He was later seen running toward a waiting car.  That same night a house a few doors away, another resident had the same experience of someone ringing the doorbell near midnight.

About 3 weeks ago, there were about 3 similar incidents on Colby, where someone rang the doorbell after 11 pm.  The video showed a young Caucasian male on the porch, then running to a waiting car.

If you do not know the person who rang your bell, do not open the door, but answer through the closed door.  It is important to answer the person(s), most burglars do not want a confrontation with a resident.  Let them know someone is home.

Open bathroom windows are now being used as entry into homes.  Perhaps window locks or a dowel would help to prevent the window from being fully opened. Most alarm systems bypass the bathroom window.

Even second floor windows are vulnerable. Do not leave ladders in the backyard, trash cans can also be used for climbing to the second floor.

Not a day goes by without hearing about a new scam.  These scams of “persuasion” may try to convince you that a family member is hurt or they need help disposing of “found” money”.  A few weeks ago, a resident was approached in the Ralphs/Staples parking lot.  Fortunately, she didn’t take the bait.

Please be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.