Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention Tips from LAPD:

  • Here is an interesting article that has been making it’s way around Law Enforcement Circles – how ‘knock-knock’ crews target homes for thefts. PLEASE remember to lock and secure your residences.  Harden your target!
  • ID Theft Tips
  • The victims of medical identity theft can result in devastating impacts to their credit and their medical history. Here is the guide to preventing medical identity theft.
  • With the annual tax filing deadline looming, seniors should be on guard for thieves posing as investigators from the Internal Revenue Service. more…
  • Holiday Season Crime Prevention Tips from the LAPD
  • The Los Angeles City Attorney has a Victim Assistance Program, this is to help victim of crimes to help navigate the legal system, what are your rights, provide emotional support as well as possible financial compensation.  Christian Lawrence is the Pacific Division’s Victims’ Advocate, and can be reached at