WHOA Social Groups


A group of intermediate bridge players meets Thursdays at 2:00 in a home.  It is an informal game with questions about bids allowed and rotating players when we don’t have an even multiple of 4.  For more information, contact Margie Templeton at mpt@rwtia.com or 310-390-4507.

TAI CHI (太極拳)

Every morning, from 8:30 am to 9:30am, a group gathers for Tai Chi at the Mar Vista Park basketball court.  The Tai Chi program includes Tai Chi (太極拳), Inner energy (氣功), Tai Chi Sword, Kung-Fu Fan, and Chinese Line dance. You can come and go based on your own schedule, but you will learn more about Tai Chi if you come earlier and stay longer.


Every Friday, from 8:30 to noon, the seniors group meets at Mar Vista Park in the auditorium.  Activities include trips, tours, entertainment, speakers, parties, and bingo.  To learn more, come to the park on a Friday or contact Byron Stalcup at 310-351-9876.